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About sadhana meditation:

In order to achieve lasting happiness and to be able to help others, one needs to become aware of the true nature of one’s own mind. One trains one’s mind by learning what mind really is. Meditation in general and sadhana practice in particular provide a way to investigate the mind. Engaging in a sadhana ritual is a form of meditation that develops focus and attention, and it is a means for the meditator to accumulate merit and generate bodhicitta. Another important aspect of this ritual is that the meditator is turning his or her mind away from entrenched patterns of thought that are based in the obscuring emotions, and placing his or her mind on mental images and words that bring peace and well-being.

At Karma Tashi Ling, on Sunday mornings we practice sadhanas of the following meditational deities on an alternating basis:

On Wednesday nights, we also practice the sadhana of the Bodhisattva of Compassion,

also known as Avalokiteshvara (in Sanskrit).

For more information on the sadhana of Chenresig and a fuller description of each phase of the ritual, please see our Dharma Practice page.

Deity practice is unique to Tibetan Buddhism; for more information on this subject, please see the Practice Overview tab.

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